Monday, September 24, 2012

3 types of people that block the door

After taking the MRT for more than a decade, I've identified 3 types of people who will selfishly block the door and refuse to make way for people to get in, or get out of the train.
  1. Kiasu - Just want to be the first one to get into the MRT, and the first one to get out.
  2. Kiasi - Afraid that they are unable to get out of the MRT (even though it may be an interchange and a lot of people will be going out), they will block the MRT door so that they can be the first one out.
  3. Self Centred - Withdrawn into their own world, usually with a pair of headphones, their usual modus operandi is to slowly stroll in, stop at the door, look around slowly for a place to sit or stand, then decide to turn around and stay near the door. Any "excuse me" will be ignored by the ultra loud headphones that are around their ears or temporary deafness.

So how do we unblock such people without degrading yourself to their level? No idea... Maybe "public shaming" may help.


Anonymous said...

This is something I can use for a novel. Do you mind if I use it. As a gentlemen, I feel it necessary to first ask your permission.

Darkness 2012

chantc said...

Not a problem for me. Just something that I thought is useful for sharing.

angmoh dan said...

May I also adapt this for facebook page angmohdan?

chantc said...

not a problem for me.

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