Monday, September 17, 2012

Inculcating the habit of returning the tray is not that easy

Recently there were talks on inculcating the habit of returning the trays to the tray return station in Singapore. However, they seem to leave out what I feel are some of the important points which is critical in inculcating this habit into everyone in Singapore.

The most important point is the size of the tables in all food centres. I'm sure all of us encountered situations where we bring all the food onto the table, and start to remove the trays so that we have space on the table for all the food. That is the crux of the problem. If you need a tray to bring your food to the table, how would you bring your food to the tray return station without the tray? Furthermore, a lot of the food served in the food centres cannot be eaten cleanly (e.g. chicken bones, etc). If you can eat your food with the tray, it is very simple to just return the whole tray when you're done.

Next, the efficiency of the cleaners are also very important. I have seen many cases in food centres where the tray return station is piled high up with trays that were returned, such that there is no space for any more trays to be deposited. If you have encountered such a situation, will you still return the tray?

Last but not least, the spacing between the tables also play a part into inculcating this habit. Will you bring your tray to the tray return station, situated right in the middle of the food centre, if the food centre is full and there is no clear path to the tray return station?

Instead of looking at only enforcing this habit, they should focus more at what will make people return the tray back to the tray centre, which may include reconfiguring the food centre. There is no cheap way.

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