Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is true productivity?

I find it very weird that with all the focus on productivity, people did not realise that in true productivity, all the paper certificates do not matter. What truly matters is what that person can do and that person's reaction to different situations.

However, if we're really looking at true productivity, then why is there a push to squeeze in so many different subjects into the education system, in particular the primary education? If the push is into real productivity, why all the tests and cramming? Does it help in improving productivity?

In fact if you ask many of the adults, many of the things that we learn in school are not in use in our daily life. So is that productivity? Squeezing children to learn all the unnecessary things and depriving them of their childhood?

Personally, I myself already knew during my primary school days on what I will do when I grow up and I am still doing it. Who says children do not know what they want to do at that young age?

Look at true productivity from all aspects, and start from our education system.

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