Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Interesting pink-noise systems

I was reading an article about Autodesk, a software company, moving into an open-plan building and the company installing a pink-noise system. Basically, this system emits a soft whooshing sound over loudspeakers that sounds similar to the ventilation system, but is specially formulated to match the frequencies of the human voices. The outcome? Unless you're quite near the person, you will not be able to hear their phone conversations or conversations with their colleague in the next cubicle.

A lot of companies are now moving into implementing an open concept and although it has its advantages, the fact is that many do not want to hear their colleagues conversation on the phone or with other colleagues. This pink-noise system will mask low level background noise and conversations, but still allow colleagues to have a normal conversation provided you're not too far apart. The problem is that all this noise is quite distracting and it distracts you from the work that you're doing.

Good idea, but a pity many companies do not put in as much effort as Autodesk to make the workplace environment more friendly.

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