Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Problem with competition

I was reading an article on competition and I found that the author, David Brooks, hit the nail on the head on the problem with competition. Many people have confuse capitalism with competition. The problem is that in the race to be more competitive, we sometimes confuse what is hard with what is valuable. The intensity of competition becomes a proxy of value.

In the race to "improve productivity", some try to inject competition which resulted in disastrous consequence. Backstabbing people to get to the top, sabotaging other people so that they look good, etc. All this sound familiar?

The objective is to add value to the work you're doing, not putting other people down. What is valuable to the company? Sustainable innovation is not competition in that sense. It's finding your niche market, finding a market that your competitors did not see, and build it up to your advantage. That is the kind of competition that is healthy.

Does this kind of environment exist?

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