Friday, May 25, 2012

Strength is always specific

I quote from Peter Drucker:
The great mystery isn't that people do things badly but that they occasionally do a few things well. The only thing that is universal is incompetence. Strength is always specific! Nobody ever commented, for example, that the great violinist Jascha Heifetz probably couldn't play the trumpet very well.

Jack of all trades, but master of none. Are we to be trained as such?


market2garden said...

Jack of most trades and master of 2to 3 of them is the basic survival of working life.

chantc said...

It's difficult to be a master of a few. If you read the outlier, you can be only an expert in your field if you spend 100,000 hours on what you do. Using the example that you use 8 hours a day to hone your skills, you'll need close to 35 years to be an expert on that particular topic.

Master of 2 to 3 of them? Not very likely.

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