Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TCO of nuclear energy

Recently it was reported that South Korea is building nuclear reactors to meet their energy needs. Before the governments everywhere take the short-term view on nuclear energy,  I hope they look at it from the long term perspective. According to an article at spinwatch here, it will take 73 billion pounds to clear up U.K's nuclear waste. Is the benefit of nuclear energy more than 73 billions pounds? I doubt so.

Do the governments look at the true total cost of ownership of nuclear energy? Do we need another incident like Japan's recent predicament to wake everyone up? It is best that there is a world mandate on the treatment of nuclear waste. No exportation of nuclear waste to other countries and that the countries responsible for generating it should be responsible for clearing it.

This will ensure that all governments know the true total cost of ownership of nuclear energy. There is no easy way out. If there is, be sure it will bite you back some way or another because there is no easy way out when we're talking about energy.

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