Friday, February 11, 2011

Now he is saying engineers are important?

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they are putting engineers back as head of the respective divisions, 3 months after he said that the Chief Software Architect is not necessary as written in a post here.

This to me seems to be an about turn for him. Anyone knows that in a software company, the Chief Software Architect should be able to see all the technology that is in use and aligns it to the best interest of the company. Microsoft however thinks that they only need the respective heads of the divisions to be the technology experts, and somehow it will magically align together.

Will this work? Without someone who is overlooking all the aspects, it will take a miracle to align all the different technology to the best interests to Microsoft. It is also quite likely that without someone at the head, you will soon see some products in Microsoft outright cannibalizing each other.

In fact by doing this, Microsoft has also confirmed that it is better for them if they split up. After all, the divisions are suppose to be experts in their area.


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