Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enough on weird MRT station names

Update 21 Feb 2011: Explanation of this post

I find it extremely weird that Singapore allows naming of MRT stations that sometimes have no bearing at all on where it is situated.

A few stations come to mind. The famous Esplanade MRT station. For those who are not in the know, the nearest landmark for this station is actually Suntec City. You have to walk quite a bit to reach Esplanade. The other is Dakota station. Since when we have a Dakota road?

Seriously, quit all those creative naming of MRT stations. It is part of our public transport system and the main aim is to allow us to reach our destination. The names of the MRT station should reflect the surroundings, be it road names or famous landmarks that will most probably not be demolished.

How are we going to reach our destination if we cannot even identify at a glance which station we are suppose to alight??

Update 1: I realised that many of the comments are implying that I did not research properly before I posted this. The question is not whether I did my research properly, but rather whether if I should research at all. FYI, I've been to Dakota MRT station a few times and I never knew that there is a Dakota Crescent just behind it. To me, I know it as Old Airport Road MRT station because that's the main road that I see the moment I get out of the MRT. Just as simple as that. Must I do my research on Google Maps or Streetdirectory to figure out why a MRT station is named that way? The station should be named in the most obvious manner. Drawing an analogy, how would you feel if Orchard MRT is called Patterson MRT, and ION Orchard is smack right on top of it?

Actually, there is a specific reason why I choose to use the word Dakota Road. Pity only a few realised the hidden meaning behind it. Anyway, I'm not going to comment on this further. The gist of this post is not about how far the roads are to the MRT station. It's about simplicity.


Unknown said...

Just to highlight we actually do have a dakota crescent and a dakota close which is the small minor road network opposite the dakota MRT ... why name the station after the side roads and not the more well known old airport road area is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

better do your research before you blog.

(1) There is a Dakota Crescent and a Dakota Close nearby Dakota station.

(2) Suntec is not a location name. It's the name of a shopping complex. The name is not owned by the public, so it can't be used as a station name (so you can't have a Centrepoint or Ion station, the owners will sue). Esplanade refers to the entire Esplanade Walk (not just the present Esplanade Theatre). The station sits on Esplanade Walk, which is a historic location.

chantc said...

Like what Darren has highlighted, the Dakota station is nearer to old airport road. Why name the station to a road that is further? I did not bother to find out if there is a Dakota xxx nearby because Old Airport Road is smack right in front of the station.

For Suntec, you're saying its not a location name. Then how about Promenade MRT? It's near Marina Promenade and I do not recall that there is a Promenade xxx anywhere near that area.

The point is not about if the roads are nearby or it's a location name. The point is that the station should rightly be named after a location that is the nearest to the station.

Anonymous said...

wah, this kind of post is really lame. How can you say "since when is there a Dakota road"??? You don't even know about Dakota, it was even featured on TV "Get Real" program. You want to criticise at least go and check first. Really waste of time to read your blog. No wonder everybody flame you.

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