Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are there too many leaders?

Recently I was reading an article that was questioning if there are too many leaders, and not enough managers in today's organisations. The reason is simple. Many leaders seem to be detached from the ground and are trying to chart the direction forward without fully understanding what's happening at the ground.

Is this the norm? Management says that they are cutting cost, but they are asking you to do magic and produce more. I'm sure this rings a bell for everyone. The leaders now may wish to drive the organisation to a certain direction but they may not understand that it's often the small things that will affect the outcome. When cost is cut, it is often that these significant small things are reduced/discontinued causing widespread displeasure, affecting your branding. Only the managers will understand this because they are closest to what matters, the customers.

Furthermore, what's the easiest way to drive up revenue and profit? It's to cut your expenses and get your workers to produce more, a vicious cycle I would say because it's highly likely that your quality will suffer as a result. It may even be possible that this will result in an opposite effect.

What's the ideal method for increasing revenue and profit? Innovation. Is that the norm? You decide.

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