Sunday, January 2, 2011

First class train service at ...

I have just recently came back from Taipei and one thing that struck me was that their MRT train service is first class.

First class service is not about how classy your train is or if the train is driverless. It is all about the service to the passengers. Mind you that the Taipei MRT fares are comparable, if not cheaper than Singapore.

One thing that will strike you when you arrive at the MRT station is that you will ALWAYS know when the next train is arriving. The timing is always shown to you on the screen and it won't be covered by advertisements.

Next thing that strikes you is the frequency. So far, I have only waited for 3 mins for the train at ALL times, on weekdays and weekends. The maximum length that I have waited was 5 mins and that is because we were at the end of the line. Here?? Uh-hem.

Once you're in the train, you will always know what's the previous stop that it left, the next stop that it is going to, and the stop thereafter. No fancy display. Just good old fashion single line LED screens. I have seen this in all the MRT trains that I have taken in Taipei.

First class train system in Singapore? Yeah right. Doesn't apply to the train passengers though. Oh yes. Did I mention that their trains ran 24 hours over the new year?

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