Friday, January 14, 2011

Jiufen Old Street

After visiting Yeliu Geopark (野柳地质公园) during my short stay in Taipei, I went on to visit the Jiufen Old Street (九分老街). Jiufen is another place with 2 focus, shopping and food, in particular yam! :)

To visit Jiufen, make your way to Keelung (基隆) Station and from the bus stop near the station, go across the bridge to the other side and wait for the bus that goes to JinShan (金山) if I recall correctly, which basically goes to Jin Gua Shi (金瓜石). The bus stop will have this information. Tell the driver that you're going to Jiufen and he will sound out when he reaches. If you've forgotten to tell him, it does not matter because basically most of the people will be dropping off there. :) You will see the scene in the picture below.

Jiufen Old Street starts off near the 7-11. You can see the entrance to the street in the picture below.

Other than food, Jiufen also has quite a few small alleys that cuts across the village. In these small alleys, don't be surprised to find some unique shops. We found a few design shops hidden in these alleys. The picture below is one of such alleys.

They also have a few animals roaming around. I can't resist taking pictures of one of them below. :)

As the Jiufen village is next to the mountain by the sea, the scenery there is quite beautiful and of course, windy.Can you feel the wind in the pictures below? :)

We stayed there for some time as there were some interesting handicraft stalls there and food stalls of course. I believe there is a bus that goes directly back to Taipei at the bus stop opposite the 7-11. However, we just took any bus to the Ruifang (瑞芳) station and took the train back to the Taipei Railway station. We took the express train (自强) back to Taipei.

It was dark when we went back to Taipei. I can't resist trying to take a picture of the train coming in. :)

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