Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taipei International Flora Exposition 2010

Being someone that likes nature, I would not miss the Taipei International Flora Exposition (台北国际花卉博览会) currently held in Taipei. There are several ways to visit this Expo. I went by the MRT route as usual. :) Just take the Danshui Line (RED line) and stop at Yuanshan station. You can't miss it once you get out of the station. The admission costs about NT$300 per adult, and you can use the EasyCard for payment. For more information, you can visit their website here.

The area is very big and frankly, I think you'll need 1 full day to walk through the whole area. It was quite windy while I was there too. Maybe due to the mountains around the area? The expo site is bound by Yuanshan Park, the Taipei Fine Arts Park, Xinsheng Park and Dajia Riverside Park. Each area has its own unique exhibits. Out of the 4 areas, I think I've only had time to visit 2. One of the reasons is the queuing time to visit the exhibits. You can be waiting in the queue for more than an hour just to get into one of the halls. The other reason was of course, our timetable was packed due to the shortness of the trip. :p

The flora expo not only exhibits flowers and landscaping from the different countries, there is also a green theme and there are companies there exhibiting the green technologies being used in different areas such as construction of buildings. The green technologies are interesting but as usual, I was more interested in the flowers. :) Below are some of the pictures I have taken around the area, which includes the gardens designed by the different countries.

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition is being held from November 6th, 2010 to April 25th, 2011 so if you happen to be in Taipei during this period, why not go there and have a look. If you want to take a look at the individual flowers in the expo, refer to my other post here.

Now if you are wondering why Singaporeans are so worked up over the Singapore exhibition in the Flora expo, take a look at the pictures below and you will understand why.

How do you recognise that it's a Singapore exhibition? I didn't even see our iconic Merlion or Orchids. In fact, I don't even think the landscaping represents Singapore at all, if not for the signage.

It is very disappointing.

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