Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taipei 101

Who will not visit Taipei 101 if you happen to visit Taiwan?

To take a look at one of the tallest building in the world, just stop at the City Hall MRT station (Situated at the Blue Line - Nangang / Banqiao). Follow the arrows in the MRT station and you'll be able to find your way there.

Below is a picture of the Taipei 101 en-route from the MRT station.

To have a view of the city from Taipei 101, you can visit the Taipei 101 Observatory. Just go up to the 5th floor and walk towards the other end. You'll be able to see a ticket booth where you can get your tickets for NT$400 per person (adult).

Below is a view of the interior of Taipei 101 from the 5th floor.

While queuing up for the express lift that will bring you to the 89th floor, you'll have the option to take a picture where they will superimposed your photo beside the Taipei 101 (with fireworks shooting out). I didn't opt for it though. :p

Why do I say express lift? Take a look at the picture below. :)

You will reach the 89th floor in 37 seconds. That's how fast the express lift is. Inside the lift, they'll try to simulate the night sky with stars on the lift ceiling, and some commentary. It reminds me of a certain tower that I visited in Hokkaido though.

Anyway, the Observation Deck on the 91st floor was closed when I was there so I could only take pictures from within the observatory on the 89th floor. With a glass in-front and considering it's night time, it was quite hard to take any shots. :(  I had 2 decent shots though.

In the observatory, there is some write-up on the construction of Taipei 101 and the famous "Damper Baby". The damper acts as a pendulum that sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts of wind. Below are 2 pictures that show some brief write-up on the damper baby.

Below are 2 photos of the baby itself. Now you understand why it acts as a pendulum?

On the 89th floor, there is a shop where you can buy cute Taipei 101 souvenirs. As we couldn't go up to the 91st floor, we proceeded down to the 88th floor using the staircase. You will walk pass a multimedia corridor. It looks something like the picture below. I guess it wishes to convey the impression that Taipei 101 is very tall and on the 88th floor, it is as if you're walking on top of the clouds.

When you walk across this corridor, the clouds will actually clear up to show the Taipei city below. It looks something like the picture below.

Anyway on the 88th floor, you'll see some sort of art gallery and I believe they sell some jade too. To get back down to the 5th floor, you'll need to go pass the shops right to the end.

As we were walking back to the City Hall MRT station, I couldn't resist taking the picture below. :p

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Coral gem yo.. Not jade..

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