Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PS3 is compatible with Sony TV

Updated 05 November 2011: PS3 cannot be switched on if the Sony TV is not switched on.

I just got my hands on a PlayStation 3 (PS3) and I was surprised that there was some integration with my Sony TV and the PS3.

Oh yes, ditch the cable that came with the PS3. Get a HDMI cable and connect it to your Sony TV. I believe that this integration with the Sony TV will only work with a HDMI cable. So what's the integration? I'm able to remotely power up my PS3 using the Sony TV remote. From the remote, I would be able to navigate the PS3 and thus, able to power off the PS3 too.

To remotely control your PS3 from your Sony TV remote, do the following:
  • On your Sony TV remote, you should be able to see a button called Sync Menu. Press it.
  • Select the HDMI Device Selection option.
  • Select your PlayStation 3 device

That's it. Your PS3 will auto power on. Oh yes, if you power off your Sony TV, it will also auto power off the PS3 and all the controllers.

I've also just realised that if your Sony TV is not switched on, there is no way that you can switch on your PS3.

Neat? I think so.

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