Monday, December 27, 2010

Year in Review for 2010

Times passes by so quickly and 2010 is coming to an end. This year as predicted was a year of change. New job scope, change of maritial status and new flat. No wonder I feel so tired lately.

Job wise I've transited well into my new role. Of course like any other job, there's always the downside to it. However, the upside is quite good too and I learned a lot of what goes behind the scenes in an IT project. How to fight for the budget and when to choose to let go. It's quite tiring though. Coming 2011, the projects that I'm doing are quite complex and the funny thing is, I'm looking forward to it. I guess it's the interest.

Yes, I'm now traditionally and officially married. Any change? Well, it's more of the housework that we need to do. Otherwise, we didn't see much surprises. :p However, we need to work on the communication portion. With all the work that we need to do, sometimes we need to find some time to communicate.

The new flat of course was a lot of work. You really need to know good renovation contractors. Otherwise, you'll keep hearing tomorrow and guess what, tomorrow never comes. That is until you blow up.

For the new year, I guess that's where I will be more busy in my job. I will have a few projects that I have to do from initiation to support and some of the projects are quite complex. I need to try to manage my time better because sooner or later, I think I will have to give up some slots in my schedule. I just have too many things to do.

I really hope that I won't need to give up my guitar playing but I'll try my best.

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