Friday, December 24, 2010

Going for your dreams, but ...

I was listening to some Christmas accapellas when I came across this group called Straight No Chaser. The songs that they have mashed up is quite incredible and it's amazing that this group started out as a hobby. They have people flying in-between cities just doing something they love doing.

This reminds me of my ensemble guitar playing. However, I guess I'm too old for this kinda running around, not to mention that I have a family now. Sometimes, I do wonder if the compulsory national service is the cause of the dearth of innovation in Singapore. The age where we go into army is also the age where we are full of ideas bursting at its seams. At that age, you're afraid of no one. :)

Anyway, below is a video of the group Straight No Chaser combining 2 of my favorite songs, I'm Yours and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Enjoy.

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