Thursday, November 19, 2009

Odaiba Night Scene

Recently came back from a short trip to Tokyo. Previously, the tour that I was in brought me to Odaiba in the day time. This time however, I managed to have a chance to visit Odaiba at night. I bet you cannot go there at night if you're in a tour. :)

All I can say is that the night scene at Odaiba is more for photobuffs. It was pretty cold as it is approaching winter but the night scene there is quite beautiful. Despite the cold, there are many people snapping away on their cameras. I've also spotted a few photobuffs with tripods taking pictures of the scenery. Unfortunately, I did not have a tripod or a zoom lens with me so I have to make-do with whatever I can find there.

Below are some of the more decent shots that I have. Judging that I have no tripod, I thought I did pretty well. :p

Colorful Odaiba Ferris Wheel (Blue)

Colorful Odaiba Ferris Wheel (Green)

Odaiba Replica of the Statue of Liberty (zoomed-out)

Odaiba Replica of the Statue of Liberty (zoomed-in)

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Statue of Liberty

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower (zoomed-out)

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower (zoomed-in)

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