Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kawaguchiko Scenery

Recently came back from a short trip to Tokyo. Went up to Kawaguchiko initially with the intention to go up to the 5th station of Mt Fuji. However, it was raining that day and the temperature was already around 5 degrees celsius at Kawaguchiko. As such, the plan was abandoned and instead, we took the Retro bus around Kawaguchiko from the Kawaguchiko Station.

There are 2 kinds of fares for the Retro bus. One is the 1000 yen 2 day ticket that allows you to stop and board the bus anytime you want (unlimited travel). The other if I recall correctly is an one-time 500 yen ticket.

Below are pictures of the Kawaguchiko station and the Retro bus.

Kawaguchiko Station

Retro Bus at Kawaguchiko Station

It seems like when its raining, you can't really do much around Kawaguchiko which was really a pity. We ended up buying snacks around the area and taking pictures of the scenery. The autumn leaves are quite beautiful, especially so when it was still drizzling slightly when the photos were taken. Enjoy the photos.

Interesting trains at Kawaguchiko Station

Thomas the tank engine at Kawaguchiko Station

Trees lining up a driveway up a resort

Pretty autumn leaves I

Pretty autumn leaves II

Pretty autumn leaves surrounding the resort

Trees lining up a driveway going into the resort

A section of Kawaguchiko


Anonymous said...

The red leaves looks pretty. Wish I were there too...

chantc said...

Yup. I took a lot of pictures of autumn leaves. :)

Yuuki said...

5 deg in autumn. I'm going kawaguchiko in winter =/ Omg.

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