Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where to find help

Times are going to be hard. Singapore will be hit by its hardest recession ever since independence. I did some surfing around and found a list of useful sites if any Singaporeans is in need of help. Will update it if I find any others.
  • CDAC - Chinese Development Assistance Council
  • SINDA - Singapore Indian Development Association
  • SIET - Singapore Indian Education Trust
  • Mendaki - Yayasan Mendaki
  • CDC - Community Development Councils
  • PA - People's Association
  • NCSS - National Council of Social Service


Daniel Ling said...

Hi, This is great. I hope you dun mind that i link it.

Let me noe if u would rather i take it off.

Thanks in advance!


chantc said...

Not a problem. The more people who read this, the better. If there are more links, let me know too and I can check it out and add it in my list.

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