Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leaving my comfort zone

I am finally leaving my comfort zone once again. It's a big irony that I am always looking for jobs when the economy is at it's worst. It happened back in 2003, and now in 2009. And to be fair to my current bosses, I have given notice even before I've began to look for a new job.

I've been working for over 5 years with my current employer. Such a decision was difficult for me to make, but as I grow older, my priorities change. I not only need to take into account my own difficulties, but those around me too. It has come to a time where I need to move on, and to also try other things. Believe it or not. It took me a great deal of courage to go at this time. However, circumstances have forced my hand. It's much easier for me to stay at my current job, than to leave right now. The standard reply I had to whoever I've talked to is that it was a knee jerk reaction. Well, it's not. I've thought long and hard about it.

Life was never too kind (or too bad) to me. In all that I have achieved, I've always need to work very hard for it. Although my bosses have been trying to change my mind the past few days, I have already made up my mind. It's time for me to leave my comfort zone.

It has been a long time since I've written a resume, and it is also difficult to remember all the many different types of projects that I've did over the past few years. Guess I have to start somewhere.

It's an irony that I'm leaving when no one has even offered me, but I've refused to leave when I had offers that were practically in my face. Anyway, now I can finally begin to look around for something else that I wish to try. Believe it or not, I'm still quite busy even though I've given notice. Oh well...


Anonymous said...

y'know dude, i'm looking to leave my job too. i don't know how old you are and what it is exactly that you do, but if you're looking to go because the job cannot hold you anymore, i say go for it.

God has a way of provision that is always unexpected. i pray that your path will be smooth-sailing.

chantc said...

I did not expect anyone to reply to this self-reflecting post. Thank you and I wish you all the best too.

It's a tough world out there right now.

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