Thursday, January 1, 2009

What to expect in 2009

Time flies by quickly and it's now 2009. I never have the habit of making new year resolutions because I find it a waste of time. If you want to do it, why must you wait for the new year to do it? Just do it right here right now.

Anyway, 2008 has passed by very quickly for me. I've been super bogged down by work for this year. So much that when my other half asked me what am I busy with, I could not even answer her. I am doing so many things until I do not know what am I doing.

Come 2009, I have to start to tone down, and start to emphasize on the family. I'm already not as fit as I use to be and running 100% almost consistently for the whole year has wore down my engines. I guess I have to watch my health too. I've been having headaches recently, and I never have them previously. 2009 also means that my flat is coming. I have to start planning on that aspect, especially the CPF portion, and of course the big day.

I also shouldn't forget my guitar. I've been super neglecting it for 2008. Now I only practice guitar once a week and that's Saturday. LS doesn't seem to be letting up on us and he's going to more complex pieces. My sight reading still sucks and it's getting worse. Guess I'm really out of practice. Where to squeeze time for practicing. Well... I'll think about it. :p

One thing at a time...

And Always Look On The Bright Side of Life. Da da, da da da da da da.

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