Saturday, October 4, 2008

Windows XP extended again to Jul 2009

Good news for all supporters of Windows XP. Windows XP is extended again to Jul 2009.

For those who are buying machines with Vista Ultimate or Vista Business, you'll be able to get XP Media together with your machine, if you request for it. Either that or it could be factory downgraded. Supposedly, this is available online too but I can't see it in Dell's website.

Judging from this extension, I would say its wise to wait for Windows 7 instead. The component architecture of Windows 7 should be quite interesting, if its true.

I've been using my current Dell with Windows XP Pro for about 10 months. So far I'm quite satisfied with it and it has been blazingly fast for my daily needs, and that includes playing my Mask Of the Betrayer. Contrary to what I've heard, I've no such problems of spoiled motherboard, crashing components etc.

My last Fujitsu laptop lasted me 7 years before the LCD screen gave up on me. Let me see how long this Dell will last for me.

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