Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tune down the brightness of your iPhone 3G

By default, at least in Singapore, the iPhone 3G will come with the brightness setting tuned to full. I will usually tune down my brightness settings for 2 main reasons:
  1. Looking at the device when it's too bright will spoil your eyes
  2. It saves on the battery life

Furthermore, the iPhone 3G has an unique setting that I've not seen in other phones. That's something called Auto-Brightness. Basically, this setting will auto-adjust the brightness of the phone depending on the environment. For example, under the sun, the iPhone 3G will automatically brighten up to a level that allows you to use the iPhone 3G. It will also automatically dim when you go to a less bright environment.

Therefore, when adjusting the brightness of your iPhone, you do not need to take into account whether you can see it in the sun. The iPhone will automatically brighten the screen up for you in the sun. Just adjust the brightness such that you can read the iPhone comfortably in your normal environment.

To lower the brightness of your iPhone 3G, do the following:
  1. Tap on Settings > Brightness
  2. Adjust the brightness setting using the slider bar
  3. Ensure your Auto-Brightness is ON

That's it...


Yuuki said...

Auto-brightness on the iPod Touch is quite bad >_< Mine becomes too bright in a normal/dim setting, while Clar's is like too dim... (Although I prefer too dim than too bright >_<)

We stick to manual =X

chantc said...

Hmm... Mine is working so far. Brighten at the correct places. But dimming wise, on some occasions it doesn't dim back. I would just need to off the display, and turn it back on. That would usually switch it back.

Usually I don't have problems though. Maybe its the hardware. :)

Seerak said...

I have found the auto-brightness to be completely random so far... No correspondence to ambient conditions whatsoever. What would it use to measure it anyway -- the camera? If that were an available function, where are the light meter apps?

chantc said...

My iPhone wasn't covered with any protective covering. I'm not sure if that made the difference.

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