Saturday, October 25, 2008

Retiring IT personnel less than those coming into the line?? Like real

Just read an article recently that states that the people coming into the IT line is more than the ones retiring from it. My first reaction... Like real!

Based on my network of IT friends, almost all have left the IT line, and they are not even in the retirement age. Most have completely switched out of IT.

The problem with IT line, especially in Singapore, is that we're expected to be superhuman. Most of the IT personnel in Singapore is in the software engineering line, making custom software for customers. This is why I think we're expected to be superhuman:
  1. We're expected to be well-versed in the technological aspect, inclusive of hardware and software, and yet, understand the different business process that happens in different types of industry

  2. We're always told that anything is possible in software development, even though many of these things are limited by the technology chosen, future scalability of the product, and most importantly hardware. Some aspects directly contradict each other.

  3. We see weird things in the specifications that contradict one another. When we query about it, we were told to just build it. When we try to reason with them, we get scolded.

There are many other stupid things that happen in the IT line, and I'm only touching on the developers portion. In project management, its even worst. You get a whole new set of problems. Pre-sales too.

People coming into IT line to replace those leaving? Like real... I've seen many of those supposedly IT personnel. Heck. Even my dad can do better than that, and his previous job is not even IT related. And yes... He's retired.

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