Monday, November 17, 2014

Under Happy?

Usually I do not take much notice of the happiness survey because it doesn't really matter much to me. Only I myself know how happy I am and it doesn't really matter if someone else is happier than me. However, what caught my eye was this word "under happy". What the heck is under happy?

I tried searching high and low for a definition of under happy. I thought it was some new term that i was not aware of. However, that came to naught. I could only draw to one conclusion. It's not valid at all and it is "made up". A person can only be happy or not happy. How can you be in-between?

However, back to the crux of the question. Are we happy? Based on my past experience, unless you have a very understanding boss that knows you have a life outside of work, your work will always seem to be never-ending. Why? Because there is no labour law that governs official working hours for white collar workers. It is assumed we sold our life to the company, and we're paid even less than peanuts for that effort because there is no such thing as overtime pay for white collar workers here.

Recently I have also read an article where the US employees put in 34.6 hours a week on average, up from 34.5 hours in August and the most since May 2008. 34.6 hours??? I have never worked only 34.6 hours a week in my life. My typical work week is between 42-45 hours in my previous job!  There were a number of times I worked more than 50 hours a week straight.

With no law protecting us, we are given loads of work to do with no way of getting additional wages. This will also prevent us from spending time on doing the things we love, be it with family or with your hobby. Without any spare time for ourselves, it's also difficult to come out with any innovative ideas. You're too stressed most of the time!

All this is a chain reaction and seriously, you cannot explain it away just by inventing a new term called "under happy".

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The said...

I think they meant under-happy as in under-employed instead of unemployed.

Or do they mean my under is happy?

Whatever, it is euphemism over-done -- I under-understand.

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