Thursday, November 6, 2014

How can power fluctuations cause the entire system to go down?

Seriously, how can a power fluctuation cause the entire system to go down? Usually, there will be facility managers taking care of the data centre. They will do checks on the servers daily, and look at all the indicators, include monitoring all the lifespan of the equipment.

UPS batteries have a fixed life and you will need to replace it at a certain frequency. Was the monitoring being done for the equipment? Was there enough investment in purchasing of good UPS system with regular maintenance being done? UPS does not just fail. Either they bought the "cheapest" or they did not maintain it regularly.

Either case, this seems like again the issue where people at the top don't understand that investments need to be made in IT or such things will definitely happen again. I don't understand why they can spend so much money on marketing where sometimes you cannot even measure the ROI, but refuse to invest in the infrastructure to ensure operations can continue smoothly. Sometimes I think they forget that if the infrastructure is not working, no matter how much marketing you put in, it's of no use because you cannot deliver.

Sadly, this happens almost everywhere.

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