Monday, November 24, 2014

Reason for SGX low volumes

Personally, I think the reason for SGX low volumes is very simple. They seem to be cutting operational costs on things that matter!

Why I say this is very simple. Long long time ago, you're able to bookmark certain counters in SGX if you're interested in it. Then guess what? Instead of encouraging this, SGX banned this by changing their website technology to DHTML, so that you're not able to bookmark the counters.

At that time, I thought it was ridiculous that they did it. When they saw interest in certain behaviour, instead of encouraging the interest, they look at it from the money looking glass and choose to prohibit it, most probably due to the increase of operational cost to cater for the extra load.

So after changing it to DHTML so that we're unable to bookmark the counters, they made another ridiculous very recently. They are redirecting all non-ETF counters details to another page that shows a lot of information, but not the critical information I was looking for, the financial statements/announcements and the relevant links. Now it is very difficult to get financial announcements information and the related attachments. And guess what? ETFs still redirect to the previous link. Why the difference? I've no idea. I've also totally no interest in what they are showing because this doesn't show the full story. The news section also do not show all the announcements related to a counter. The financial results have the details I need. In fact, I rather they change the ETF counters because usually I don't read the ETF details. They went the other way around.

If you track the timing of the low volumes, it's tied to operational changes to their website. The less they invest in their website, the lower their volumes. The volumes are going to get lower because investors are going to be freaking irritated by the ridiculous changes made to SGX. They are removing the accessibility of information that we need.

Sometimes I wonder... Does SGX know exactly what visitors to their website need? They seem to be taking away information that most investors need. Very soon, no one will be investing in any counters in Singapore because it's so &*^@&*@ difficult to get information.



Anonymous said...

The guy at the top gets his bonus from volume but the little guys doing the donkey work get to keep their jobs when they can show SGX the amount they have saved for the Exchange.

chantc said...

First data centre failure, and now "programming" errors. It seems that there is either a serious process issue, or cut of operational costs such that UPS or even standard UAT servers or UAT process is not adhered to.

UAT process is there for a reason.

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