Sunday, November 23, 2014

Disable man in the middle attacks on Yosemite

Recently there has been news on man-in-the-middle attacks being used against Linux and Macs because certain settings have been enabled by default. Basically, it uses a protocol called ICMP Redirects to redirect you to a malicious website. Currently, this also affects all Android and iOS devices.

However, you can protect yourself for Yosemite by just running a few simple commands. I have tested this on Yosemite and it works.
  1. Run Terminal
  2. Run the command sudo vi  /etc/sysctl.conf (You can use your favorite editor too)
  3. Type in your current user account password (This is assumed that your account has sudo privileges)
  4. Add in or replace the following lines and save the file:

That's it. The above commands will tell Yosemite to drop all ICMP redirect packets and do not log any redirect packets since you are dropping it.

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