Monday, April 21, 2014

Rearing a pet is for the privilege few

Seriously I feel some of the rules in Singapore are a bit arcane for rearing pets, especially dogs and cats. In fact, it seems like rearing dogs and cats are meant for the privilege few. People who own cars.

Why do I say that? Reason is simple. I can have a very nice and good pet carrier that is just the right size for my pet. My pet can be very obedient and will never make a noise while taking public transport, unlike some of the babies/toddlers you see here. I can mind my own business and ensure that the pet does not get out of the pet carrier and make a nuisance of itself. But... I am forbidden from bringing the pet in the public transport system.

Some say you can take a taxi if you want to bring a pet around. However, some of the taxi drivers may not like to ferry pets in the taxi due to certain reasons, even though you have all the pet carriers etc with you.

Some ask why do you need to bring your pet around? Why can't you just walk the pet around your area? Well, reason is very simple. Pets need grooming. Pets also get sick. How are you going to bring your pet to see the groom or doctor if you have so many restrictions?

Therefore, my only conclusion is that you must be rich in order to rear a pet because you're expected to own a car. I would think that the rules might have been relaxed looking at the new accessories for dogs and cats.

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