Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MacDonald website designer neglected the IT aspect

McDonald's Singapore launched online sales for the set of six dolls, only to suspend this about an hour and a half later because of overwhelming demand. There were many cases where the customers were charged and yet they have not received any confirmation of order.

This is a classic case of non-IT trained staff making the decisions without any thought of the difficulty conducting such a campaign online.

It's very simple. If you think that the physical MacDonald shops are unable to handle the onslaught of customers coming in to get the Hello Kitty dolls, why do you think that a simple website will be able to handle such a load? Has a proper survey been done to estimate the number of customers per store which is used to gauge how many estimated customers will come into a site the moment it is opened?

I guess not, because if all this is done, the website will not behave the way it did.

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