Monday, April 7, 2014

Freemium is just like a demo

The freemium model, made popular by mobile applications, have been fast becoming the norm and more and more applications are adopting this model. The reason behind this is very simple... Expectations.

Before the days of freemium model, sometimes developers used to create demos or time-limited programs to showcase the features of the programs and entice people to buy the full version. This is time consuming on both the developer and the customer because the developer needs to create different versions of the same product and the customer sometimes need to un-install and re-install the application as the full version is different from the demo version.

With the freemium model, the 2 issues have been resolved because the developers now only need to create one version of the application (depending on platform) and the customers can have access to the features immediately upon paying online.

The freemium model is definitely here to stay and it is quite an effective marketing tool. In fact, some of the highest grossing applications are based on this model because the application/game was designed to be so addictive that the customer will be willing to pay more to stay ahead.

Freemium model is definitely here to stay but in order to be successful, the fundamentals never change. The application/game needs to be good. Very good...

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