Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Building apps with no IT foundation is dangerous

Recently I've been concerned with regard to people starting to develop apps with only about 3 months of programming experience because of one simple reason. The IT foundation is not there and therefore the application may be unstable or worse still, leak information out to the public.

I believe everyone knows that regardless of the level of technology or social media know how, if a person is not trained for some time on a particular skill, he/she may only be able to understand the basic concepts and not understand how to build on top of it.

Giving a very simple example, if someone creates a simple application that has a login screen, so that you can store your daily tasks in their servers (or they call it cloud). Without the basic concept, how would you know if the person
  1. encrypted your login credentials on the servers and store it securely so that no one can access it from the internet
  2. encrypt the transportation of the login credentials to the app provider so that people are unable to sniff out your credentials on the fly
  3. store your daily tasks securely so that other users of the application will not have a chance to peep at your tasks.

Yes, some people may be able to grasp this concept fast but I do not think its the norm. I have not gone into load balancing, and clustering of the servers to enhance performance.

Just because you can create a program called Hello World does not mean you're ready for the world of programming. You may be able to figure out if you have the affinity for programming but I believe that may be just about it.

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