Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Obamacare did not take into account integration complexity

The more I read about Obamacare in the news, the more I think that the intention is good, but it did not take into account the extreme complexity of such implementation.

From what I understand, state exchanges in Obamacare means that the state allows different approaches in handling healthcare and other welfare systems. However, I do not think that they have taken into account how the main exchange is going to take into account all this information.

If there is integration, there must be a common denominator among all the different healthcare plans. If there is no commonality between all the different plans, then what's the use of integrating them together? Therefore, it's not possible to have a total different approach in handling the healthcare plans.

Any plans in the exchange needs to have that same base. If not, the integration cannot happen. That's a fact. I believe the base plan which was defined caused some of the implementation issues because many healthcare plans provided by the companies did not meet the declared minimum requirements. I believe that is why some people are not able to keep their plans.

The intention is good but it is difficult to get this intention across if the people are not earning enough to afford such coverage. That is why some choose to have lesser coverage because it is better than no coverage.

Integration is never easy...

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