Monday, March 10, 2014

Leadership role is different in other organisations

Recently, it was remarked that NSFs learn leadership during their stint in national service. I do not deny that leadership capabilities are required if you're placed in command of some people. However, do not think just because you have such experience and therefore you're well suited for leadership.

The problem is that different organisations require different types of leadership and sad to say, the top down kind of leadership that works well in the army does not work well in other organisations.

New style of leadership requires leaders to collaborate with their team members and able to do and understand the operational work that is being done. Many organisations are now based on an almost flat hierarchy where the layers of bureaucracy has been cut to the minimal.

Yes, being a leader in schools and national service helps, but do not think it's the end of the story. The role of leaders is changing, and you'll have to be aware of those changes.

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