Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Are scores useful?

I was reading an article where the Senior Vice-President of People Operations for Google, the guy in charge of hiring in Google, has remarked that Google had determined that "GPAs (grade point averages) are worthless as a criteria for hiring and test scores are worthless ... We found that they don't predict anything".

It should not be a surprise that test scores do not predict anything. Test only proves that the person taking the test is able to answer the questions, but it does not prove how the person can react to situations, often unexpected and how to relate problems in similar situations so a solution can be reached quickly, in my opinion.

I also never did like tests because the tests here do not tell you what is the correct answer. In fact, you can finish your exams and tests and yet you do not know if your answers are correct or wrong. You can live with those answers all your life until someone, maybe from your working life, finally tells you what is the correct answer.

That is why I never like tests.

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