Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Looking for job? Or looking for ...

Recently I've been wondering that for most of us, are we really in the market to look for a job, or are we in the market to look for a career in a line that we feel that we excel in?

Most of the time, I believe most of us are looking for a career. If a certain job is not being filled up, I think the employers must start to reflect if the job scope really provides a career path to whoever who applies for it.

A career in a certain job scope will mean that there is progression and the job applicant will learn new things. It's often the learning and skills progression that keep an employee interested in their job.

Actually, there is a simple rule of thumb. Just imagine you're someone with that skill set and will you apply for that job if you're that person.

If the boss will not even apply for the job, why do you think others will?

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