Thursday, February 6, 2014

Seriously disappointed in nuffnang

I have been bearing this for some time but I am seriously disappointed with Nuffnang. Not only it takes ages to earn $50 so that I can cash out, they also charge an admin fee and has a weird policy that they only process the cash out at the end of the month, and you have to wait 30 days for the payment to be made.

To top it all off, they started delaying the 30 days payment. I cash out in mid Nov 2012, and only got my cheque a few days ago. That is almost 3 months after I click on the cash-out.

We bloggers are helping these advertisers make money and yet they take 90 days just to pay a token sum to us. This is the tipping point for me.

I would rather rent out my nuffnang ad space to others who are more willing to pay for it timely.

I will be removing the codes for nuffnang soon when I have time to touch the codes for my blog. Yes, I specially coded the blog so that the ads will appear.


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