Monday, February 3, 2014

MacRitchie Reservoir

Recently I finally went down to MacRitchie after more than a decade and my, that place has changed quite a bit. I do not even recall anything about this place other than it is in the middle of all the viaducts and flyovers. :) If you're into looking for green lungs in Singapore though, this is one of the places that you must visit. This place is huge and its part of Singapore's central catchment area.

Getting there however, is much easier than a decade ago. Now, you can get there just by taking our trains (a.k.a MRT). However, you do have to walk about 10mins to reach the reservoir. :) The rough instructions to get there are as follows:
  1. Alight at Marymount MRT (Circle Line)
  2. Take the Exit A
  3. When you leave the station, turn left and walk downhill towards the junction
  4. You will see a big florist called Goodwood florist. Cross the road over to that side and walk towards Upper Thomson road along the pavement to your right.
  5. You will reach a big T junction, with a flyover and a big bus stop. Cross the road towards that big bus stop and take the left.

That's it. You should see a car park to your right, which is the entrance to MacRitchie Reservoir.

The difference between this place and the Punggol Promenade which I frequent is that the wildlife here seems to be lesser. It might be because I was there at about 4+pm. One wildlife that you definitely will not miss is the macaque monkeys. They are just everywhere.

Do remember not to feed them, and gradually back away if they approach you. These monkeys are smart and if they see you carrying any bags, they will approach you and attempt to take your bags. You can admire them, but from a distance.

The highlight of MacRitchie reservoir is actually the HSBC Treetop walk that is located deep within the reservoir. It is a free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and offers a bird's eye view of the community of plants and animals that live in the forest canopy. The total length of the walkway is about 250m and its height from the forest floor varies, with the highest point at 25m.

The catch? On a moderate trail towards the treetop walk, it is a 11km route which is roughly a 4 - 5 hours walk. :) The other catch, the treetop walk is open from 9am-5pm. If you reach the treetop walk after 5pm, the gate will be closed.

So if you hope to visit the area, especially the treetop walk, do factor in the time. As mentioned just now, I was there only at about 4+pm so I didn't get a chance to visit the treetop walk. I will not chance walking along the trails in the dark. Will have to plan my next visit there.

If you're tired after the long walk, you can always walk to the Upper Thomson road eateries that is about 10-15mins walk away from the MacRitchie reservoir. Just exit the main entrance and take the left side. Walk along the pavement all the way and you should see the eateries/shop houses bordering the main road.

Have fun. :)

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