Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Neighbour's Sensitivity is Lacking

Seriously, regardless of the upcoming election in our neighbouring country, I feel that it's ridiculous to build statues to honour people who have committed an act of terror in Singapore, particularly when we are one of the biggest investors in the country.

Regardless of the size of Singapore, as neighbours, I believe it is common courtesy to respect each others' history and to refrain from acts that will disrupt the status quo. Just like we know there are certain traditions that prohibits eating of certain food types for example.

I was quite surprised over the lack of respect between countries that are so near each other. Respect is a 2-way street and if it is not given, do not expect to receive it.

In fact, I believe we should push down a mandate that if any country knowingly build something that honours an act of terror that happened here, we should immediately withdraw any kind or any type of funding that the government is providing to that country. We should never spend any taxpayer's money on anyone who does not respect us.


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