Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inflation is up 1.8%

These are the Singapore inflation rates for 2013:
January: 3.6%
February: 4.9%
March: 3.5%
April: 1.5%
May: 1.6%
June: 1.8%

Healthcare is once again leading the pack, rising by 4.3%. Housing and Recreation & Others are tied, rising 3% respectively year on year.

Transport is still carrying on its downward trend, dropping by 1.6% year on year, which represents a lower drop compared to previous month. There is a slight uptrend most probably due to the increase of oil prices, increasing by almost 1% compared to last month. There was also a general uptrend in inflation for the other items in the inflation basket.

As mentioned previously, the next few months will most probably see an uptrend in the inflation according to the trend I'm seeing from the results, and based on my observations on the private transport pricing.

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