Monday, July 15, 2013

Finally less emphasis on academic subjects?

Recently, it was mixed relief that I read that children can soon use other subjects other than Maths, Science and Chinese to develop their other talents. I always find the strict curriculum puzzling because the government has always been trying to encourage innovation and yet makes the curriculum so strict from Primary school all the way to University. Not sure how that could encourage innovation.

According to what I read, if a child is keen to develop his musical talent in niche schools which have a Chinese orchestra or band; he could use his English and music grades plus two other subjects. The idea is to signal to students that they are free to discover their talents and develop them to a higher standard in secondary school. Arts could also include the visual arts, dance and theatre.

This is good news because I hope that this means the government finally realised that the world is bigger than Chinese, Maths, and Science. My results were never good except for subjects related to Information Technology, which resulted in my results being very poor until I went to Polytechnic.

I hope this means that students now do not need to go through what I've been through.

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