Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Listen to direct feedback from customers

Sometimes, I'm very amazed by the communications division of the organisation where direct feedback (e.g. emails) was given and the organisation instead used an externally conducted survey to discount that direct feedback. So which kind of surveys should an organisation listen to? Some survey that the organisation commissioned to get feedback or direct feedback from the customers or public?

Seriously, my answer is a no-brainer. Direct feedback from the customers or public is the truest form of feedback. I'm never a fan of commissioned survey because I believe that the sampling used will not be a good gauge of what's truly happening on the ground. All organisations should appreciate direct feedback from the customers or public because direct feedback is only given when the customers or the public truly hopes that the organisation will improve in that product or service, which to them is the only road-block to great service.

If you receive many of the same feedback, take it seriously. I believe many have learned probability when they studied Maths. Look at it. What's the probability of having hundreds or thousands of unrelated people giving feedback on the same issue and it's not true?

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