Tuesday, March 5, 2013

WebOS is now with LG

Years after WebOS was purchased by HP, it is now sold to LG. At that time, I've written a post here how HP may incorporate WebOS into their devices. It didn't happen, although HP did introduced ePrint which was similar to some of the functionality I described in the post.

Now that LG has purchased WebOS, the obvious device that WebOS will be incorporated into will be the TV. It makes sense and WebOS currently is not bloated with too many un-necessary functionality. In fact, if it is possible to merge WebOS to the TV functionality, you may see the true SMART TV in action, where the TV and related information retrieved from the Internet merged seamlessly.

Why stop at the TV? Why not put it into the washing machine, where the washing machine informs the TV that your washing cycle has been completed, showing the message on your TV or any other smart devices connected to the washing machine. Of course not all household appliances are suitable to be connected to the Internet but the possibility is there.

Let's see what LG will do to WebOS.

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