Monday, March 25, 2013

Security is still not important in organisations

I was reading an article on how social networking should be adopted by organisations. In particular, some remarked that IT departments can keep employees updated on the status of internal servers and inform them about upgrades and other pertinent information through social platforms such as Facebook. This remark really astonished me... in a bad way. That's when I realised that people in organisations do not really know the importance of security.

Just imagine. Putting important corporate information like the status of your internal servers in Facebook. What were they thinking? Facebook is a public server where the default setting is to share your status with everyone in the whole wide world. Would you want to share your corporate information with everyone in the world, even though it may be an accident?

Think of it another way. Would you put your deepest, most important family matters on Facebook? If you do, then I guess you better start reading about security in social networking. After understanding it, you might think twice before doing such things again.

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