Monday, December 24, 2012

Just fall over the cliff

Looking at the happenings at the States, I was thinking that they should just fall over the cliff so as to speak. The politics is horrendous.

Closing unnecessary tax deductions do not assure increase in revenue. Anyone who has hired a tax accountant so that they can pay less tax will know the truth of it. They will just adjust the amounts accordingly. It's common sense that any increase of revenue over this move is akin to plucking numbers out of thin air. Translated. They have no plans to bring in more revenue at all, and they choose to turn a blind eye to companies keep records amount of cash in their bank accounts.

After reading a number of articles talking about the fiscal cliff, I realised that the States has a unique sense of "democracy". The political agenda in the house seems to indicate that the majority speaker of the house will not bring any bills to the floor if the party does not support it.

Is that democracy? If it is true democracy, the majority speaker should bring up the bill if the majority of the people in the house wants it to be heard, regardless of which party they belong to. However according to the article that I read, this is not the case.

No wonder they are in deadlock over the fiscal cliff. In fact, I agree totally with President Obama that if they fall over the cliff, it's the Congress's fault. Their political positioning for the next presidential election is too obvious and everyone can see it.

Just fall over the cliff and be done with it.

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