Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A new age has begun, the green age I hope

The last day of the mayan calendar has come and gone on 21 Dec 2012. I only noticed one big difference on the night of 21 Dec 2012. It was hot! 22 Dec 2012, supposedly the start of the new age in the Mayan calendar, which I believe is the start of a much warmer Earth.

Currently all the developing and developed countries do not seem to take climate change seriously. Some countries are using the excuse that climate change is not man-made so there is no need for any action. Personally, I think that's a very sorry excuse. It's akin to saying that there is a drought, and the water pipe is leaking, but there is no need to fix the water pipe because the drought is the main reason for the lack of water.

Since many developed countries are having problems with their budgets because of overspending, this is the best time to introduce a new tax to bring in revenue for them. It's carbon tax. This tax is very important because it will be the number 1 reason why companies even bother to develop green products.

Reason is very simple. Companies have no incentives to design and develop green products because by nature, pollutive products are much simpler and cheaper to produce. Carbon tax will offset this low base by bringing it on-par with the green products.

Why should the government "benefit" from this carbon tax? That's because in the end, it's easier for them to manage, police and monitor the companies to ensure that they are taking the carbon threat seriously. For example, if there is a factory near your residential home spewing chemicals into the air, do you think you can do anything about it, or the government has the power to make a difference? The answer is obvious.

Seriously, I'm of view that there is not even a need to get a consensus. Get the majority of countries to introduce carbon tax, and you start from there, giving tax rebates to each other. Too many cooks spoil the broth so when you see something that is workable, go for it first.

Someone has to take the first step, or the world governments will prefer the outcome in the movie 2012?

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