Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Any way to reduce dust generated from Construction?

Singapore seems to be in a state where there are always construction everywhere. As a result, the dust generated by the construction is everywhere. You just need to open the windows for a few hours after you clean the house, and you can see a fine layer of dust settling on your sparkling floor.

Is there a way to mandate the construction companies in investing in technology so as to reduce the amount of dust generated in any type of construction? I do accept the fact that there is a need for construction due to various reasons but I think that our needs should not be sacrificed as a result of that. Dust particles can cause health problems, especially those with respiratory issues and pollution, not to mention the mental stress to all homeowners because the constant cleaning of the house will not result in a clean house. Air-con is expensive for your information.

There should be mandated dust control measures for all types of construction for the benefit of all citizens. Limit clearing areas, physical barriers, watering sprays are some of the more common dust control measures, but I don't see it being implemented. Yes, dust control measures are not cheap, but who says keeping yourself healthy is cheap.

We're already facing issues at work, and when we're back home, we're faced with a dust issue. Is cost more important than personal health and well-being?


Rhinestic said...

I realised that the dust that we keep getting might be from the JB refineries and other factory plants near Coney Islands.

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