Monday, December 17, 2012

Focus should no longer be on the processor speed

It seems to me that gradually, processor speed is no longer a big concern in any device. The reason is clear. There is no longer a monopoly in the platform for the devices and therefore, higher processor speed does not necessary mean that it's faster.

Let me explain. There are many parameters that affect the speed of the device, and the most important aspect that affects the speed is the operating system. Therefore you can have a very fast processor speed but if your operating system is not efficient, your device may be slower than another device, running another operating system, that has a slower processor speed.

Consumers can no longer use the processor speed or even the memory to determine if the device will be fast. The only way is to test out the speed is to test it on those test pieces when you walk into those stores.

Unless the devices are running the same operating system, do not use the processor speed or the hardware components to determine how fast the device may be. It will be of no use to you and it will most probably be not accurate.

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