Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why can't employees stay in the same job scope?

In some organisations, the bosses frown upon employees who wishes to continue to do the same job scope for their whole career. After a number of years, promotion may force the employee to shift to a different job scope that is quite different from what you were originally hired for. Usually some form of management level kind of job scope. Staying at the same job scope to some bosses would mean that you lack the drive and commitment to help the company move forward. I urge them to look at it from another perspective.

Recently I've been reading more and more articles urging bosses to re-think the whole concept of management promotion. Reason being that not all people are suited to manage people. Seriously, how many great managers do you see in an organisation? Very often, you see a person that can function very well at the operational level but are not suited for the management level. The skill sets can be quite different and what happens is that you may lose a very good employee who excel in their operations, and instead replace it with a bad manager. Is that worth it? Not everyone can do well in a management job.

Promote a ill-suited candidate, and you may lose your best employee and get a bad manager. Do nothing and your employee may think that they are not appreciated and they would start to lose morale, affecting their job performance.

It's time to relook at some of the traditional career progression and start to create new paths for those who wish to remain in their area of focus. Specialist, you can call them, who focuses on their area of expertise and does it very well. These people are an asset to any company because they know their area very well, and they are also well-versed in how the company operates, thus able to ease the new staff into the company or assist to improve in the operations due to their experience in being able to marry the 2 together.

It's time to stop thinking that all staff hopes to get promoted to the management level. Some people seriously cannot be in the management level and for the good of the company, they should not be forced into that position.

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